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Concentration: FILM PRODUCTION
Concentration: SCIENCE

Let the kids start their summer break with a rhythmic and cultural shake-up! They will think that they are tourists as they explore the beauty of our island: sightseeing, historical tours, a surrey ride, cooking native dishes, music, dance and folklore, the Bahamian Fear Factor Challenge…and much more.

Lights! Camera! Action! We will be making a MOVIE! Let the cameras roll, and so will the good times. Putting children in front of the camera is a surefire way to boost their confidence; having them re-script a story and audition, gets them to read, write creatively, and exercise their memory. They will be too busy joking and jiving to notice that they are learning.

It's SCIENTIFIC that this camp will be TERRIFIC!  We will engage children with hands-on science experiments and activities that will be entertaining and educational. Their imagination will be sparked as they discover that science can be fun.

June - 21st - July 16th
July 19th - August 13th
August 16th-September 3rd
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